Hi kids! Freddy Shoehorn here. I’m a primary grade teacher who has worked in classrooms from California, New York to Germany. Before teaching, I was working in TV production and writing songs. When I became a teacher I realized I could combine my songwriting with teaching in the classroom and that’s when Sockhead Smith was born!

I believe that all kids should have the opportunity to be exposed to the arts and express their creativity. Support for this creativity is important at home as well as in an educational establishment. As the arts seem to dwindle in our public school systems, support for local non-profit arts programs is the key to keeping the creative arts alive for young kids.

The goal of this website is to provide multimedia material that both educates and entertains students in preschool to the primary grade level. Some of the material that can be found on this site are: Guided Videos, Worksheets, Slide Shows, Music & Lyrics.
Please feel free to comment or leave feedback (see the form at the bottom of the page). Suggestions are always welcome!

Thank you to all who have downloaded songs and videos off of my website, supporting Sockhead Smith and the enjoyable work that goes into creating new material. UPDATE: Sockhead’s YouTube channel is now at TWO MILLION VIEWS!

email: info@sockheadsmith.com


Freddy standing copy
Freddy Shoehorn: Freddy enjoys playing guitar and ukulele with his friends and eating carrots.




Sockhead Smith: Sockhead lives in a drawer, likes singing, learning new things, playing sockball, reading, eating pickles and playing with friends.


Pinkie front 1


Pinkie: Pinkie likes flowers, pink things, subtraction, reading, singing and rainbows.




Flip-Flop: Flip-Flip likes jump rope, ping pong, playing in sand and eating popcorn.




Argyle: Argyle likes reading books on nature, dressing up, playing chess and eating cheese.




Toey: Toey likes anything to do with sports, collecting rocks and eating crunchy things like granola.




Lint: Lint likes rolling around in dirt, chasing things, staring at itself in reflections and eating everything.


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Sockhead Smith and Friends , its characters, artwork and music are the creation and property of Rick Roessler 2015 ©